When we purchase our homes we tend to do so with the thought and vision of making changes, creating a warm and inviting space and making it a home.  When we first move into our homes we tend to move in and throw everything around wherever we can without much thought or planning.  Then as we spend more time in the home we tend to take more time and make our space our own.

Out of all the rooms in the house that we deal with, the bathroom is possibly the one that we use the most but don’t really think of when it comes to design.  This is why giving your bathroom a bathroom makeover milan can really brighten things up.

bathroom makeover milan

When it comes to making over your bathroom there really isn’t a lot you can do typically without tearing out the entire room and doing a major construction project.  However, with a makeover, you can do tiny things that can create drastic change.


The first thing is to change the paint color on the walls.  In many bathrooms we are given an off white or eggshell color.  If you wanted to take it up a notch you can do something like a robin blue or a light yellow color.  When it comes to paint however, you want to play with the light.  You want it to be a calming and relaxing space.


Once you have your paint color picked out, the lighting will be the next thing you can play with.  You can add more lighting to the room or even open up a window to allow more light in.  When working with lighting you will have a lot of options to play with – natural light, LED and more.

When it comes to creating your makeover take your time and weigh your options.  What you create and how you create it will determine your outcome and modification possibilities.